The massacre of Muslims "Burma" inspire young people

Vmoslemo country "Burma" - or "Myanmar" -currently living in a real hell did not see him in human history ever seen, where the ruling regime in collaboration with groups Buddhist extremist operations tortured mass of Muslims, such as murder,
displacement and persecution as well as displacement and the destruction of their homes and their property and their mosques..

Overlooked at the time when the Arab media and Muslim reference to the massacres, killings that take place against the Muslims of Burma, a large number of young people create hundreds of pages and groups on the "Facebook" for advocacy; against the brutal aggression.

Burma in our hearts

Among these groups, and one as "not to the extermination of Muslims in Burma," which I wrote on its front page: "The suffering of the population of the territory of Staff of the predominantly Muslim fanatics Buddhists in the State of Burma, requires us to declare our rejection of categorical and seek in every way to cope with genocide suffered by the Muslims there, these crimes against humanity, you will move the international community to stop these crimes against humanity that practice, or be governed always selective as we know it? ".

What is known about Burma?

We recall that the State of Burma, the Republic of Mainmar is one of Southeast Asia, has been separated from the Government of British India in the first April 1937.

Photos from the massacres committed against Muslims in Burma,We apologize for publishing pictures

Ya Rabb, Subhanahu wata'la Please have mercy on Burmese and us and forgive them and us from whatever displeases you, indeed you are the one ALL FORGIVING,
 MOST MERCIFUL ... Ameen Ya Dhal jalali wal Ikram, Ya Rabb As-samawat wal Ard, Ya Azizu Ya Jabbar, Ya Hiyyul Kayyum, Ya Rahmaan Al Raheem, Ya Jabbar Al Wadud, Ya Waris Al-Wasi...

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