Experts say we need to create ethics in artificial intelligence or we’re all doomed. Bye forever.

Experts say we need to create ethics in artificial intelligence or we’re all doomed. Bye forever.
Okay, so bad news everybody.
Basically all of the horror films you’ve seen about artificial intelligence could prove to be true.
Experts such as Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Google’s Demis Hassabis warn that it’s already too late to instill ethics in machines.
Artificial intelligence is already evolving for its own benefit – not ours.
The day when computers become more intelligent than humans already feels foreseeable, so once they outsmart us will they help us, or overthrow us?
Film ' i Robot ' (2004) Picture shows : Bridget Moynahan and Will Smith and robotic sidekick go in search of the killer in director Alex Pryas's version of Isaac Asimov's sci-fi classic .... For further information please contact your local Twentieth Century Fox Press Office. I, Robot
They’re coming for us…(Picture: Twentieth Century Fox)
Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom tells the Guardian, that we need to ensure machines’ superintelligence is accompanied with ethics that are sympathetic to human survival and wellbeing.
It all sounds scarily close to the three laws in I, Robot.
An example that feels a little too close to home is an internet search engine, which you probably use every day, right?
Search engines instantly embark on thousands of checks, consulting sources and selecting relevant information from servers all over the world.
Obviously, the search engine is of human design and we bash the keyboard to type searchable words and phrases, but we aren’t alone.
Software can also use Google, it can also pass on or alter the information, without human input.
Hassabis, who was behind Google’s Deep Mind, thinks we need to act on this immediately.
He said: ‘Now, decades before there’s anything that’s actually of any potential consequence or power that we need to worry about, so we have the answers in place well ahead of time.’
You heard the man.
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