How to earn Money from your Home

how to earn money online without investment

If you can invest upto $150, then there are many sites in which you can invest and start to earn within 2-3 months after your investment. However, we know that you are reading this article in order to know the strategy to earn money online without investment.
In order to start to earn money without investment you should start to work in those sites in which you can register and work freely. But, the problem is
that you will earn very little amount in any legit online work company as free member and all those who claims to pay you good income without investment are all scam companies.

 So now what to do?
It is very simple. 
You should work in as many companies as you can where you can earn as free member. Although you will earn little income by working as free member in legit companies, but also if you work in many companies, then you can gather the income and use that income to invest in top legit company from which you can boost up your income and can earn for lifetime.
how to earn money without investmentAlways remember that drop and drop make ocean. So, you need to work hard to gather those drop. Set your first target to make $150. It is not easy to make first $150 working as free member. But when you make it, then you must know that you have open the door in real online work world because you can use that money to invest in best online work.
So, which are those companies in which you can work as free member?
Sorry to disappoint you, but PTC sites, Survey sites and PTC with revenue sharing sites are the only platform where you can work as free member. We know that most of you had already tried to work in PTC sites and feel frustrate by getting so less income. But you must know one thing, this time we are working in PTC sites only to gather the income to invest in our top online work company. However, if you can invest $150, then you can leave this process.
Following are the list of legit PTC sites, survey sites in which you can earn money as free member:-
NOTE:- Click the name of each site as listed below in order to know the detail strategy work in those site and in order to find the link to join in those sites:-

Following are additional sites which you can find in our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section from which you can choose any 5 sites and work as free member.
1. Wordlinx (PTC site)
2. Bucks24/7 (PTC site)
3. BuxP (PTC site)
4. LogiPTC (PTC site)
5. You-Cubez (PTC site)
6. Cashtravel (PTC site)
7. Cashons (PTC site)
8. Northclicks (PTC site)
9. Cashnhits (PTC site)
10. Donkeymails (PTC plus PTR emails site)
Besides these sites, there are other promising sites which are paying at the moment, but we haven't declare them as legit because we don't declare any site to be legit unless they turn to be 2 years old. However, at the moment they are paying and you can earn more income in these sites than what you can earn from above legit sites. You are working as free member, so if after they stop paying, then also you don't have to be worry. At least we can utilize these sites in order to earn money more fast by working as free member. We have listed these kind of sites within our "Promising Online Works" section among which following are the best ones which can be change in the future according to the performance of sites:-

Besides these, you can also work in scam PTC sites in order to increase your income more fast. You may be surprise to see that we are suggesting you to work in scam PTC sites as well. However, all scam PTC sites will pay for at least one months from its launch date in order to grab more people into their system and they pay more high amount than what other legit PTC sites pay you. When you work in those scam sites, you should cashout as soon as you can and never invest in it. You can find advertisement of new PTC sites in all legit PTC sites as listed above. As soon you find new PTC sites, join them and work and cashout as soon as you can. 
It will be more better if you can make referrals in those PTC sites in which you are working. More referral you make, you can earn more fast. However, it requires investment to gather good number of referrals. But also you can still try free ways like using Traffic Exchange site such as Eayshits4u, posting link in various forums where it is allowed to do so such as in emoneyspace.com, making many friends in social media site like Facebook, Twitter etc. and posting your link in that social media account etc. We can't guarantee that you can make referrals using these free ways. But also you can try our luck.
In this way you can increase you earnings and always remember our first target is to make $150.
So, why are we telling you to gather $150? After that is what?

We are telling you to gather $150 so that you can invest that money in very good company from which you can start to earn good income after 3 months joining that program. The name of that program is Wealthy Affiliate.
Actually you can join Wealthy Affiliate free of cost. But also why we tell you to prepare $150? It is because as free member you can only access to limited courses in WA. However, in order to learn everything, become expert and earn from this program, you must upgrade your membership to premium in Wealthy Affiliate which will cost you $47 per month. Now, may be you are thinking why we make you prepare $150 if it costs only $47 per month to be premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate. It is because you need at least 2-3 months in order to earn from Wealthy Affiliate. So, if you prepare $150, then you will get enough time to learn everything within Wealthy Affiliate and earn from that system. You can click the following banner in order to know more details about Wealthy Affiliate and in order to join it.
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