Shareholder Investment Corporation provides free access to the following documents for familiarisation with the company, as well as the confirmation of its legal status.

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About the company Shareholder IC.
Shareholder IC – one topical response to the questions on how to open up your own business and earn and income quickly, how to become a partner and co-owner of one of the largest Dutch companies. Shareholder IC opens up new horizons to beginner entrepreneurs and gives every separate individual the opportunity to earn an income, become an entrepreneur and this company’s shareholder, and take part in its development.
Our company offers a long-term perspective partnership to individuals, as well as legal persons

What does the company represent?
Shareholder IC is an official Dutch holding company, maintaining firm and stable positions in the sectors of national industry such as the manufacture of black metallurgy, shipbuilding, as well as oil-refinement. The Shareholder IC holding makes headway, expanding, recruiting more and more partners, launching new daughter ventures and companies across the globe, partnering not only with European countries, but also gradually expanding its partnership with Asia and Eastern Europe. The Shareholder IC company became famous from 2004 when it went beyond regional production and began obtaining assets from other companies, as well as cooperating with foreign partners. Over a relatively short period of time, Shareholder IC turned from a small regional company, engaged in metallurgy, into a large holding, which is still growing and maintains firm positions in the Dutch industry of metallurgy, cooperation with shipbuilding, geological survey. Besides the fact that the company is successfully developing its own country’s industry, it is actively mastering the international oil market, cooperating with companies in the mining and extraction of oil and gas.
Direction of marketing is not only the domestic consumption of produce, but also its export and growth, to England, Germany, France, USA, China, Korea, Turkmenistan and other countries. Every year the level of sales, the company’s general goods turnover grows and expands, as well as the company’s income level.
Due to the changes in the international system of taxation – the increase in taxes on international agreements for companies, holdings, corporations – the Dutch company ‘Shareholder IC’ re-registered in 2015 in Seychelles and attained the status of an offshore company. Starting with 2015, the company decided to follow in the steps of famous brands and corporations – be in the movement – which is why it registered and officially legalised its own website. Internet resources open up new opportunities, for example, attracting investors, searching for new partners, the opportunity to work and cooperate with separate individuals, expand and experiment. It’s simple and easy, but, at the same time, technological and functional, more efficient, and allows to save time and funds. Most giants in the world’s business make good use of this. This year, the Shareholder IC management has decided to transfer some company assets to its daughter ventures and branches, and individuals, and set them on the open market. Upon purchasing shares, you select the movement, whose shareholder you would like to become. The number of shares is limited; the corporation reserves the control packet of shares of each venture, daughter company and open branches that it owns.

We cannot forget to mention our company’s charitable activities. We are beginning to involve ourselves with charities. At the moment, our main movement is helping children’s and nursing homes. $10 from the cost of each share of our corporation will be allocated to charities. The funds will be transferred to children’s homes, as well as nursing homes, that are in critical states. We have only just launched our activity in this movement. The results and performed work will soon be available in a special, separate section with photo and video reports from institutions that benefitted from us.

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