OneCoin investment packages approach a quarter million Euros

Last week OneCoin announced they were introducing a new €188,888 EUR “Supreme Trader” package.

On top of that they’ve now introduced a Super Combo package, coming in at a whopping €225,500 EUR.
Further stretching the “affiliates are buying education” fiction, OneCoin’s new packages contain the same “educational” PDF files as their €5500 EUR Tycoon Trader package.

The only difference between the packages are the amount of Ponzi points an affiliate receives, however OneCoin maintain they do not directly sell OneCoins.

At the time of publication, OneCoin represent that one OneCoin is internally worth about €6.8 EUR.
Outside of the OneCoin business opportunity however, the value appears to be much lower.
Spice Village bill themselves as a “modern Pakistani/Indian buffet eatery” in London, UK.
On their website, Spice Village advise they “accept cash only for now”. Recently the eatery has put up OneCoin marketing posters up in their shop windows.
A BehindMLM reader reached out to Spice Village and was told that the eatery does indeed accept OneCoin as payment.
There is a catch though. While Spice Village do accept OneCoin, they do so at an exchange rate of 100 OneCoin to £1 GBP:
A buffet meal at Spice Village is £13.99 GBP, which means a OneCoin affiliate would need to transfer 1399 OneCoins to the Spice Village owner to eat one buffet meal.
At the current OneCoin internal exchange rate, this comes to €9513 EUR.
So as a patron you either rock up to Spice Village and pay £13.99 cash for your meal, or log into your OneCoin backoffice and transfer €9513 EUR (£8572 GBP) worth of OneCoins.
More pointedly, Spice Village have set the value of one OneCoin they’re willing to accept at £0.01 GBP. That works out to €0.09 EUR per OneCoin, which is just 1.3% of the internal OneCoin value of €6.8 EUR.
Another BehindMLM reader recently reached out to OneCoin to ask how merchants can accept OneCoin as payment.
OneCoin support informed them that
OneCoin cannot still be used as a payment method as it is still not in public.
Once the currency is available in public, it will be officially announced to all our members.
silo-sushi-accepting-onecoin-ponzi-pointsOneCoin’s current timeline sees them promise to go public sometime in 2018. The company had previously promised to go live with 500,000 merchants by April, 2016.With OneCoin confirming OneCoin cannot be used as payment by merchants, you’re probably wondering how merchants like Silo Sushi in Queensland, Australia are accepting OneCoin then.
The answer is they aren’t. The owners of merchants like Spice Village and Silo Sushi have signed up as OneCoin affiliates.
A OneCoin affiliate can go to these businesses and in exchange for a service (a meal in these instances), login to their backoffice and transfer OneCoin points directly to the business owner’s OneCoin affiliate account.
The business owner then writes off the cost of the meal in real money as a fiat currency loss (unless they’re one of the few able to actually exchange OneCoin for real money internally).
How this works with respect to local tax laws is unclear. But I’m sure the handful of business owners who have attached the OneCoin Ponzi scheme to their businesses have sought competent financial advice.

I mean it’s not like accepting OneCoin Ponzi points under the table won’t come back and bite the business owners in the ass, right?

  1. WhistleBlowerFin
    Thanks for the artice! Couple of points:
    – It was MuroBBS member c-mo who contacted Spice Village and got the answer. murobbs.muropaketti.com/posts/1717991473/
    – I would have preferred the topic to be something like “OneCoin payments not possible until Q2 of 2018”, because that is huge news what the OneCoin Support spurted out. Yes the Super Combo is news, but it is only 37 500 EUR more than Supreme Trader.
    The real shockers are:
    1. Payment won’t be possible until OneCoin goes public, says OneCoin support. This happens according to Ruja Q2 2018.
    2. MAB apps can’t be used for OneCoin payments. And following the point 1, this wouldn’t come before Q2 2018 even in theory.
    Also the fact that MAB apps can’t be used to pay with OneCoins was verified separately in the new Staffan Liback YouTube video: youtube.com/watch?v=9I0c__h2KOE&t=258

  2. #2
    Btw, the whole Facebook group “Onelife- Global & Merhants” where the Spice Village picture was originally posted, was removed.
    You can still find the Spice Village picture at least here: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208387613906939&set=a.2054623044198.2107155.1203231920&type=3&theater

  3. #3
    Thanks for the clarifications. I lead with the 225,000 EUR package because it’s by far the highest Ponzi package the MLM industry has ever seen.
    The audacity is pretty remarkable at this point. I mean shit, those are some pretty gullible ballers.

  4. #4
    Bill Rojas
    Mates… Just laughing me ass off. I run a successfull cleaning business Down Under and cant imagine the impact of accepting this Salty Coin..
    So many Fake Cryptocurrencies out there…

  5. #5
    @oZ, small mistake:
    More pointedly, Spice Village have set the value of one OneCoin they’re willing to accept at £0.01 GBP. That works out to €0.09 EUR.
    £0.01 is 0.011 EUR according to Google. Not 0.09 EUR.

  6. #6
    Google rounds up. I used the 1 GBP = 1.11 EUR exchange and punched it manually into a calculator.

  7. #7
    Google rounds up. I used the 1 GBP = 1.11 EUR exchange and punched it manually into a calculator.
    Yes, so shouldn’t £0.01 be then 0.01 EUR, not 0.09 like in the article.

  8. #8
    Fuck I hate math sometimes. 0.01 GBP * 1.11 = 0.0111. Thanks for catching that.
    I initially hit publish and totally forgot that England uses GBP and not EUR. Had to quickly do a bunch of calculations post-publish and thought I had it all figured out correctly!

  9. #9
    Ruja’s announcement that OneCoin plans to go public the 2nd quarter 2018: youtube.com/watch?v=WI6l4N4MQaE&t=11099
    According to OneCoin Support, payment won’t be possible until then.

  10. #10
    MLM Broken Model
    One of my favorite Ponzi Pumpers is Jason Richard Mangan.
    Jason Richard Mangan
    Yesterday at 12:22am ·
    Their is a Vast difference between a Coward & Courage. Courage will Fire You Up & Light Up Your Soul.
    Cowards will Rob You Up and Deplete Your Soul. Receiving Truth & Giving Truth is more important to me than any amount of money I can earn OR What type of status I can gain from my peers.
    This is how I LIVE MORE FREE than most people.
    Well Jason, it all sounds just peachy. Except you left out the part about you making a living by stealing money from my friends, business associates and social media contacts via Ponzi Schemes like OneCoin.
    I never post a single word about OneCoin not being registered to even be in the USA.
    And, then there was this little pearl of wisdom.
    Jason Richard Mangan
    October 15 at 6:54pm ·
    The Next 2 years are going to be quite the Thrilling ride for my Onecoin Family. So Excited for you all !!!
    Thrilling indeed! Did you bother telling them about the final part of the ride? You know where the cars jump the tracks and crashes to the ground?
    I would love to hear from any of the OneCoin USA Pumpers (on the list below) about this most recent 250,000 Euros Package!
    Tom McMurrain
    Sarah McGee
    Glenn Smith
    Carl Wilt
    Ken Labine – Canada but recruits investors in the USA
    Kevin Foster
    Sheri Hilliard-Pearce
    Jason Richard Mangan
    Joseph W Piper
    Jodi Tressler Greene
    Keith Bliss
    Stan Harris
    Stupidity and ignorance is not an excuse for what you and your “family” are doing to so many.

  11. #11
    oz: The owners of merchants like Spice Village and Silo Sushi have signed up as OneCoin affiliates.
    this is how silo sushi has announced that it will be accepting onecoin:
    silo sushi, FB, oct 15:
    We are proud to announce that we are now accepting OneCoin as a payment system!!
    Easy, Fast and Secure system and you can even make lots of passive income with it in the next few years!
    Come and have lunch at Silo Sushi and find out about OneCoin, the future of payments 🙂
    it becomes obvious that silo sushi is not a ‘merchant’ accepting onecoin but just a onecoin affiliate who can make onecoin transfers within their up/downline.
    so the claim that onecoin can be used as payments is just a sham.
    you can go to silo sushi and and along with your meal have the owner breathing down your neck asking you to join onecoin under him! must be pleasant experience!
    NO merchants till 2018! haha this is just crazy news! WHY will anyone invest in onecoin? the only way of earning anything is via recruitment and the few and far between times that affiliates are able to encash a few ponzi points on the fake exchange.
    speaking of which, the exchange was supposed to be up and running yesterday but that hasn’t happened. ruja is running out of money!

  12. #12
    Seems like the Silo Sushi owner has worked out how to accept OneCoins from affiliates not in their downline:
    Q: How do we send coins cross boarder if we’re not in the same line? This is really exciting and just wow!!!!
    Silo Sushi & Asian Foods: You can use personalized invitation and send coins for now 🙂
    --------------------------------More comments: 
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