10 Dental tools that everyone must have at home for good teeth

dentist toolsMost of us all worried due to a plaque on teeth but couldn’t find time to go to the dentist but now you can do this easily at home with some good dental tools. The purpose of this article is to give you awareness about dental tools, how to remove plaque
at home, how to use teeth cleaning tools, tooth polisher, dentist tools, floss threader, dental pickand reach flosser at home.

Dental tools

The environment of a dental cleaning is quite scary and sometimes you have to wait for hours for a little problem. So here we are giving you details about some important dentist tools.You can use these teeth cleaning tools at home easily.We will discuss easy to use and reliable dental tools only. That would be effective and safe for your oral health and condition. Get ready to have all dentist tools with you and become a dentist right now. 
dentist tools

Teeth cleaning tools

1.Toothbrush and Flosser

Brushing your teeth with flossing makes your mouth fresh and clean. Flossing tool is very important for teeth cleaning at it removes all bacteria and tiny food particles that build up plaque on teeth.Using these both tools daily can save a lot of time and money. 

2.Dental plaque staining tools

Staining helps to point out the missing areas of teeth from cleaning. It comes in the form of tablets or chewing gum. When you eat it leaves pink color on the plaque area of the mouth. You can also use some food colors to mark these places. It will give a closer look to the unclean area of the mouth.

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dentist tools

3.Dental Mirror 

Dental mouth mirror is helpful to show the affected area or teeth. You can easily see the parts of the mouth that remain dirty even after brushing and flossing.This is very helpful to understand and view your oral hygiene.

4.Tongue Scraper

This tool helps to clean the tongue from start to end. It prevents to transfer plaque build up bacteria to the gums. It also helps to improve the bad breath.

5.Interdental Cleaner Tool

The interdental cleaner is also very helpful cleaning tool. It works like a dental pick and flossing. It helps in stopping the bacteria and food particles in the mouth.

6.Tooth polisher

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Tooth polisher is also very helpful in making your teeth white and shining. If your teeth are becoming yellow and no tricks work. Then you should get some good tooth polisher. These are available in many forms like tooth cleaning pen, tooth cleaning polish etc.
dentist tools

7.Floss threader

Floss threaders are very important for any teeth issue. These are specially designed to clean though the braces, bridges, and implants as well.

8.Dental pick

A dental pick is also a very important tool for teeth at home.It helps in removing the tiny food particles that build up bacteria and plaque in the mouth.


After using all the tools above you must use some good mouthwash for a nice breath and dental care.
dentist tools


Always use a herbal toothpaste for good teeth health. You can also use a tooth powder for cleaning the teeth.


If you have all these above best dental tools 2018 at home then you don’t need to go to dentist off and on. But you should visit your dentist twice in a year to avoid any complexity.
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