Australia: ALI BANAT A YOUNG millionaire died after donating all of his money "gifted with cancer"

Related imageA YOUNG millionaire died after donating all of his money and possessions to charity when he was "gifted with cancer".
 Ali Banat, of Sydney, Australia, was given just seven months to live by doctors in 2015
But instead the businessman lived for another three years, which he spent helping other people.
He died aged 32 on May 29.
Ali used to have a lavish lifestyle, wearing expensive designer clothes and driving flashy cars.
Image result for ali banatWhen he got sick, he realised all his material possessions did not mean anything to him.
 But instead the businessman lived for another three years, which he spent helping other people
He decided to spend his final years raising money for underprivileged Muslims.
Ali soon got rid of his cars, watches and distributed his clothes to less fortunate people.
In the viral video “Gifted With Cancer”, he said cancer was a gift for him, because thanks to it Allah had given him a chance to change everything in his life.
 During a video interview, he showcased a bracelet worth £45,000 and a £450,000 Ferrari Spider
 Ali said: “When you find out you’re sick or you don’t have much time to live, this is the last thing you want to chase.
"And that’s how we should live our lives every day."
He travelled there for two weeks, meeting local children and families and experiencing their poverty first hand.
In October 2015, he launched the charity project “Muslims Around The World” (MATW) to assist those less fortunate in poor areas of Togo, in Africa..
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His organisation fostered the construction of a mosque, a medical centre and a school in Africa.
Donations on the charity’s GoFundMe page have reached almost £1million and are continuing to grow by the second.
In a video recorded shortly before his death, the millionaire-turned-humanitarian asked people to continue his work.
He said: "During your life, brothers and sisters, just try to have a goal, try to have a plan, try to have a project that you work towards.
Even if it’s not your personally doing it and you are funding someone else’s projects, just do something.”
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