To have a defined shoulder muscle you need to train it properly for an awesome aesthetic and defined look to your personality.

 Following are top 3 exercises which are important for a rounded and defined shoulder.

 A quick information about shoulder which is necessary to know whoever is doing shoulder exercise.

                        Info about Shoulder

In the above diagram, we can see the clear picture about the shoulder. There are 3 heads of the shoulder; Anterior, Lateral and Posterior. The first picture from the left shows the Anterior-Front Shoulder. Then the second picture shows the Lateral-Side Shoulder and the third picture show the Posterior-Rear Shoulder.
So, if you’ll do exercise for all the three muscles then you’ll get a rounded shoulder. Most people while exercising focus on front and side muscle and miss the rear muscle that’s the main reason they do not get a rounded shoulder. So, if you want a proper rounded shoulder then you have to do exercises for all the three muscles
Note:-If you’ll train a particular shoulder muscle less as compared to the other shoulder muscle then the muscle which you have not trained properly will be weaker than the other shoulder muscle. Which is the main reason you will not get a perfect shape of your shoulder.



Hands down one of the best shoulder exercises is Barbel Press. You can either do this exercise standing or seated it’s all up to you.You can do this exercise on Olympic barbell or Smyth machine. Standing barbell press might be difficult for beginners as there are many chances of injuries than the Smyth machine. So make sure to use weight according to your protection. This exercise basically focuses on the Anterior-Front Shoulder and Lateral-Side Shoulder, both the muscles are stretched properly. While going downwards you have to come all the way down and while going upwards you have to extend your elbow so that your shoulders are contracted properly.


It is also known as tumble lateral raises. This exercise completely focuses on Lateral-Side Shoulder. This exercise is considered to be one of the best exercises for broadness and thickness of your shoulder. The more mass you have in your Lateral-Side Shoulder the broader you’ll look. Make sure you have a proper form while doing this exercise, your back should be straight and your chest should be up and only use your shoulder to lift the dumble. Strech your Lateral Deltoids muscle properly. You can either do this exercise standing or seated.


This exercise is for Posterior-Rear Shoulder. You can do this exercise either seated or standing. Basically, all the shoulder exercise can be done either seated or standing pose. If you are having a back pain then make sure that you are doing all the shoulder exercise in the seated pose. Otherwise, I would prefer standing pose.
In this exercise you have to bend forward, posture should be proper. In this exercise, your back is mostly involved so if you are lifting a heavy dumble then assurance of back pain could also rise.
NOTE:- If you will not train your Rear Deltoids muscle then you will not have a rounded shoulder.


These are the top 3 exercises for the rounded shoulder. Building muscles depend upon our nutrition. You should be on chloric surplus(A calorie surplus is a state in which you eat more calories than you burn). If you want to have a defined shoulder then you should be a caloric deficit(A caloric deficit is any shortage in the number of calories consumed relative to the number of calories required for maintenance of current body weight) or the combination of both. It depends, if you have small shoulder then you have to add more mass for this you have to take more diet.
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