16 Creative and Humorous Advertisements

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "16 Creative and Humorous Advertisements"Even with the emergence of the digital revolution and the mobile migration that followed, advertising in print is still much more expensive than advertising online.
That's because the larger pages give advertising creatives a bigger canvas to work with than a banner ad, and the reader is more receptive to a message when he or she is giving it undivided attention.
As a result, the medium gives advertisers the opportunity to do some of their most exciting and interesting work, for audiences who are more receptive to subtlety than those usually found online.
Here we have 16 pretty creative and humorous advertisements worth sharing and I reckon they are really good. Well, at least for me.


Y+ Yoga Center: Straw

Levis: Guerrilla paint installation

Feed SA

Kibon Icecream

Samsung MP3 Player


Max Shoes: Stunning Collection


3M Security Glass

WMF Knives

Lego Print Ad12

Febreze Truck

Utopolis Group of Cinemas: Reality Sucks


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