400 years later .. Expert at the University of Oxford reveals a surprise on the cause of the death of "Shakespeare"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "William Shakespeare"William Shakespeare died as he lived quietly, and his death bell rang across Stratford on April 23, the same month of his birth. 
Although all that was known then about the cause of his death was uncertain that he had "typhoid fever"; but an expert at the University of "Oxford" says that his death was because of a sexually transmitted disease.
In 1616, Shakespeare died and his body was buried by his family and close friends after he spent his last days in isolation. The first concerns of his life were revealed only half a century later. He is said to have been buried in a 17-foot pit for fear of spreading typhoid infection. Nearly 400 years after his death there is a view today.
In a report published by Daily Mail today, Professor Jonathan Pitt of the University of Oxford said that Shakespeare was sick with syphilis - a sexual infection - asserting that the evidence for this was the "sexual disgust" of women who appeared to be In his works. 
"I have to be very careful about speculation and reflection on Shakespeare's autobiography of his plays," Pitt said at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. 
Image associée"At the end of the reign of King James I, Shakespeare did not attend the trials, suggesting that he may have been sick. There was a law prohibiting people with syphilis near the king within 400 yards."
But Dr. Paul Edmundson, head of research at the Shakespeare Institute, said this deliberate dislike of women in Shakespeare's work was a "deliberate provocation." "Nobody knows what the real reason for Shakespeare's death is, and there is absolutely no Evidence that he had or was treated with syphili

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