A wonderful way of "fantasy" to lose weight!

Scientists at the Australian universities of Queensland and Plymouth have discovered a relationship between the speed of weight reduction and the final outcome after removing excess weight and motivating a person to lose.
The study was conducted with the participation of 140 volunteers divided into two groups: the first received motivational talks, the second attempted to visualize the end result, and imagine how you would feel after losing weight and what to do after the elimination of excess weight.
Six months later, members of the second group lost an average of 4 kilograms, and the first group lost only one kilogram. Six months later, members of the second group lost six kilograms, while the first group lost only half a kilogram.
"This means that the perception has a strong emotional impact," says Professor Jackie Indrid, who oversees the tests. According to her, the tests used mock patterns to enhance people's confidence that they could achieve their goal. These perceptions supported people's incentives when they had problems during their weight loss.

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