Do you know The Drinking of coffee may help in healing of skin disease

A recent medical study found that drinking coffee can help cure a skin disease characterized by symptoms of nasal and vaginal discharge, and redness of the skin. According to the study published in the Journal of Gamma Dermatology, which included 82,000 nurses and nurses, it was found that excessive coffee consumption reduces the risk of skin rosacea. Researchers at the Warren A. Albert School of Medicine at Brown University of America analyzed the patterns of coffee, tea and soda for nurses, and the amount of chocolate they eat, all of which contain caffeine.

The researchers found that those who drunk 4 cups of coffee or more a day had the lowest level of risk in the development of the case of "pink" delivery, compared to those who drink coffee once a month, according to the newspaper "Sun" British. The study also found that caffeine-free coffee is not associated with low risk of delivery. Scientists believe that caffeine works on the expansion of blood vessels, which reduces redness or swelling and associated infections or other symptoms. The researchers acknowledged that they needed further studies to determine the benefits and benefits of caffeine for people with the disease.
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