Dagestani Habib Nur Mohamedov the next Mohammed Ali Clay! He wrestled a real bear at the age of nine! See Video

The story of Nur Mohamedov's victory in the world championship ignites the social media these days. The lightweight world championship was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, The victory of the Muslim Dagestani Habib Nur Mohamedov at the World Heavyweightweight Martial Arts Championship (UFC) at the expense of the Irishman Connor McGregor was an event that produced headlines, news sites and social networking sites when the two met at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, America.

The main lead in the show was a strong showdown between Habib, the lightweight champion, and former Lightweight champion Connor McGregor, and Nour managed to retain his title after McGregor was forced to surrender with a strong throttle.Habib Nur Mohamedov wins McGregor
After Habib Nur Mohamedov's victory over Connor McGregor, in the most exciting event in the history of the Mixed Martial Arts Competition, a video clip on the social networks of the Russian-Dagestan hero of the world was wrestling with a real bear during his childhood.
Habib Nur Mohamedov wrestles with a bears at the age of nine!
The English Daily Mail published a report on the life of Nur Mohamedov , since his youth, and how he has been fighting bears since he was nine years old.
le="text-align: justify;"> The newspaper pointed out that his father sold 4 bulls for the construction of a gym in his home, to Nur Mohamedov training inside.
Bears are the gateway to many young people in the Caucasus, especially in Dagestan, for martial arts training.

It is rumored that the bear that appears in the video was the pet of the Russian fighter, who has been crushed since the days of Irish hero Connor McGregor.
Habib Nour Mohammedov and his religious and moral commitment!
Dagestani wrestler Habib Normodov defeated Ufc in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 7, 2018 in a landslide surprise and grabbed the title of "normal weight."
The victory of Nur Mohamedov in the outbreak of an altercation sharp, where the hero of the Dagestani team trained McGrur, in response to provocation to him before the confrontation.
After the dramatic victory, Nur Mohamedov spoke at a press conference, saying that he had attacked the McGregor team for insulting "his religion and his people."
"This is not my best face, but he talked about my religion, my people and my father. He came to Brooklyn in New York and broke my bus and nearly killed two people."
"Why do people talk about my jump over the fence?" He asked. "This is a respectable sport. People do not have to talk like that. I want to change this sport, and there should be no talk about religion or people."
French site: Will it be Nur Mohamedov like Mohammed Ali Clay!
The website of the French Muslim le Post , that Nur Mohamedov has become one of the ambassadors of Islam in sport, believing that religion must come first in the life of everyone, or become empty.
The newspaper wondered whether Habib Nur Mohamedov would be like Mohammed Ali Clay!
When God is with you, no one can beat you
Habib Nur Mohamedov is the first Russian, and the first Muslim to win the UFC22 World Heavyweight Championship.
But he sees his religion as more important than the glory of this game. In the summer of 2014, he refused to fight Donald Siron for Ramadan.
"When God is with you, no one can beat you, no one, you have to believe him," he wrote in late 2017 on his Twitter account.
The longest string wins without loss:
Habib Nur Mohamedov, 30, is from Makhachkala, the capital of the Dagestan republic of Russia, which saw huge celebrations after Noor Nur Mohamedov's victory over McGregor and his world title for the second time in a ro
He also holds the longest unbeaten streak in MMA history after his last victory, bringing his winning streak to 27 without a loss.
And also ranks eighth in the list of best fighters, according to the UFC.

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