"Julia Tufana" .. Slaughter helped 600 women to kill their husbands with "make-up"

Julia Tuvana 's story is the most successful series of the killing of its leaders murderous woman who , throughout history, in the 17th century in Italy, this woman helped another 600 women to kill their husbands, in 50 years, without discovering her one, or Are captured.
In the European Renaissance, marriage was easy and divorce was impossible. After marriage, the husband had full control over his wife. In some cases, husbands married their wives or subjected them to the worst treatment without any punishment. , Which decided to teach these couples a harsh lesson, and the number of deaths, recorded in wars and natural disasters only using a rare type of poison. 
"Julia Tufana" .. Who is she!
According to the report "Rotana", in Rome lived widow "Julia Tofana", and had a shop for the sale of makeup for women, and was aware of most of their sad stories, and the suffering of wives who do not have a way to get out of this tie legally, the invention of Sama killer, The makeup she sells, which is called "Aqua Tvana". 
Julia was not in need of wealth and power to be killed, but her only purpose was to help the widows and provide a quick solution for non-happy wives with their husbands for 50 years, killing nearly 600 couples. 
What secret poison make-up? 
The "toxin toxin" was an arsenic, which was used to whiten the color of the skin, and another substance is the plant "Beladona", which was used in the expansion of the pupil, and other components, and was "poison"
The arsenic and biladona component was capable of killing a strong adult man with only 4 drops. The women used it for several days. The doctors did not find the cause of the real death. Julia sold it in cosmetic bottles so that the woman could put it in the house without fear. Of its discovery. 
How did the murderous widow fall? 
In 1650, a woman bought poison from her and put it in her husband's soup. But suddenly the woman felt remorse, prevented her husband from eating the soup, and then the husband forced her to tell the truth. , She confessed to him in every detail, and his wife surrendered to the papal authorities in Rome. 

The wife admitted that Julia Tufana had sold her the "poison," but the latter was warned of her impending arrest and fled to a monasteries. She asked for a haven and was actually allowed to stay there.
After a period of rumor that Julia had poisoned the water in Rome, the monastery was broken into, and handed over to the papal authorities that tortured her, until she admitted that she had killed 600 men with the help of their wives between 1633 and 1651. 
During the investigation, the identity of Julia Tufana, who was the mother of a woman named Thavania Dadamo, was found guilty of poisoning her husband. Julia herself was a widow, believed to have killed her husband, who may have been the first victim of the poison. 
Mozart and the deadly poison 
For 100 years after the execution of Julia Tofana, the poison "Aqua Tvana" was a popular mixture, and a story that is so well known that even in 1791, Austrian international musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart claimed that he was poisoned by the invention of " Julia Tofana ".
"I certainly feel that I will not last longer, I'm sure I've been poisoned," he said. "Someone gave me the name Aqua, according to the exact time of my death." 
While poisoning is probably not the death of "Mozart", the truth is that the recipe for "tovana" was still common until then, and the poison was known as the woman's favorite weapon, if she wanted to kill someone in Europe in the Middle Ages, and early modern Europe. 
Where did Tufana get its idea? 
In the late 15th century, the Burgia family came to power when Rodrigo Borgia became Pope Alexander VI, and he had a daughter who was the first to use arsenic. Lucrezia is married three times.
Rumors circulated about this girl, who was only 22 years old, and at the time it was said that she was killing her husband with a mixture of wine and arsenic. She was said to have put the poison in a "huge ring" and kept it in her finger and opened it over the glass of wine. He drew attention, and perhaps here Tufana took her idea. 
In 1659, Julia Tufana was executed, her daughter in the square of Campo de Fiore, in addition to three workers serving in her shop. 
Arsenic and Belladonna .. Arsenic compounds 
known as "Arsenic" as the king of poison, and has the credit of the killing of a large number of kings of ancient Rome, and was causing the vomiting of his victims, and have diarrhea, symptoms can easily match the symptoms of many common diseases.
Arsenic is characterized by a very small dose, highly toxic, and capable of killing very slowly, and was easily accessible at the time, in cosmetics stores or drug outlets. 
The other ingredient is Beladona, which means "beautiful lady" in Italian and, despite its common use among women, to enlarge the pupil, this component of the plant "berries", very high toxicity, and its common effects, increased heart rate, Vision, and possibly blindness.
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