New Confessions for "Golgun Goktan Cats" .. Temperature Password

Some of the girls who worked for the controversial Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar, known as Adnan Octar cats, have revealed their abuses in the latest confessions about the life of the "preacher."
According to the Turkish newspaper "Sabah", one of the girls, Golgun Goktan, admitted that she was among the Octar's most vulnerable to torture and beatings.

She noted that she was receiving punches from Oketar, known as Harun Yahya, because of her occasional failure to supply his own drinking water, as he was requesting water to be within 20 ° C and to be heated for 7 minutes.

Another woman, Selda Inal, said she was subjected to other forms of humiliation and forced to wear the uniform of maids for several days.
According to the confessions of the "cats," Adnan Oktar was very interested in the temperature, as he ordered his girls to warm his bed using hair dryers, minutes before he went to sleep.
The "dancing preacher" was not only interested in temperature on his bed and drinking water, but ordered his "cat" to heat his car chair before sitting on it for half an hour.
As if he did not like the looks of one of them described by the hypocrites, and forced to wear sunglasses in the house all day.
The information about Adnan Oktar showed that he was very interested in his underwear and ordered one of the girls to heat it in the microwave oven on Tuesdays and Fridays.
There were also various forms of punishment for the girls of Octar. Some girls were punished by ordering them to walk on their feet and hands, in a manner similar to a four-foot walk.
Another strange thing, observed by the Adnan Octar cats, was its intense sensitivity to electrical charges. For this reason, he ordered everyone to take many steps on the dirt, to get rid of electrical charges before touching or shaking hands.
He also hated to hold daily newspapers with his hands, so he formed a team of three women, whose task was to hold daily newspapers in front of him.
Also in the context, a group of girls were assigned to help him wear socks, which he used only once and dumped in the trash afterwards.
Another group of girls, five, specialized in massaging his body on a daily basis before he went to sleep.
He was also very careful about his health, and was afraid of exposure to attempts to poison, and for this purpose mocked two girls standing next to him on the dining table, is their job to taste each type of food before eating an octar.
According to some confessions, Octar was wiping his cell phones with alcohol before use, and the same applies to his wristwatch and other accessories. He ordered his girls to survey all the areas, which he could probably touch at home, using alcohol, disinfectants and disinfectants. The girls followed the same instructions when cleaning his own toilet.
The Turkish security forces arrested the dancer as part of a security operation in July 2018 in four states, including Istanbul, and arrested Oketar and 234 of his followers on various charges.
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