New video recordings first published for Khashoggi before his death reveal the truth of his relationship with Khadija

Turkish media have published new videos of the late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and his Turkish fiancé Khadija Genghis days before he disappeared after entering his consulate in Istanbul.
Khashoggi bought an apartment in a building in Istanbul's Topkapi district seven days before his disappearance, the daily Khabar said on Saturday. The surveillance cameras showed the movements of Khashoggi and Khadija during that period.


The recordings show Jamal leaving at 4:57 am Tuesday morning from the building on the day of his disappearance to accept his fiancé. They entered the building at 4:58 am, and other recordings showed that they entered the building again at 12:17.
Khashoggi disappeared on the same day (Tuesday October 2, 2018) after entering the consulate building in Istanbul in order to obtain transactions related to his marriage of Turkish citizenship Khadija Genghis, which appeared with the same video, and was last appearance at 13:14 Saudi Arabia announced on Friday evening in a statement issued by the Saudi attorney general, Saud bin Abdullah, that the initial investigations into Khashoggi's disappearance showed that the controversy between him and those he met during his stay at the consulate in Istanbul Led to a quarrel followed by a clash with his hands, A led to his death..

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