Scientists from the University of QIMR have found that the poison of some spiders helps fight skin cancer.

Maria Okonomopulo a university researcher said: After our experiments in mice to detect the active substances in the fight against cancer, we found that the peptides found in the poison of the spiders of Agelenidae help treat melanoma, or serious skin cancer.
"We have tested the effect of these peptides on different tumors in laboratory animals, which have demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in the fight against various types of tumors, and our clinical trials on some volunteers have shown that these substances are also effective in combating skin cancer at Humans".
Spiders' venom is one of the most intriguing subjects in recent years. Even a group of researchers at the University of Queensland and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience have discovered that spider venom is capable of treating a rare type of epilepsy, which science has been unable to cure for years.
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