The ghost of the widow attacking the village youth and the solution in the "red shirts"

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Many ghost stories that are spread in all parts of the earth, but are linked to myths and fixed beliefs in those areas difficult to change or modify the concept, what would be the inhabitants of those areas , but the faith of those stories and novels, and even deal as a reality and present Even if they have not seen or witnessed it. This is what happened in the story of the "ghost of the widow" published by Qallwdall.
The story goes back to a village in Thailand, the village of Tambun Tha Sawang, where villagers tell the story. The village is said to have lost ten of its men shortly after being found one after the other dead, either in their bed or on the street. They were healthy and did not have any illnesses.

It is strange that the doctors' report on the deaths of ten men attributed death to one cause, which is a sudden respiratory problem that led to difficulty breathing, resulting in death, but the people of that village refused to order the strangeness, which led them to resort to witchcraft and witchcraft to find out the causes of that death , And to find out why they occur only to men, especially young ones.

A magician assured them that the reason for this is the ghost of a widow who refuses to remain married in that village and wants to meet her fate with the death of her husband. This is what the people of this village believed and believed in. The magician advised them to put red shirts on their doors to protect their youth Of that fate. 
Every young man has a red shirt on his door and it may seem strange or funny, but when you know that the death has already stopped, you will be surprised, as did everyone who knew the story and initially took it ironically, and stop the deaths confirmed to the people of the village The story of "ghost of the widow".
And everyone who lives in this village, even those who came from abroad and did not contemplate these deaths, believes in the story and suspends the red shirt on the door of his house, especially if he has a young man and so far no one has proved the lie of that story. No one dared to ask the villagers to stop To hang the red shirts on the doors of their homes.

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