The wonderful benefits of drinking a cup of warm water with lemon in early morning empty stomatch

There are many people talking about the lemon properties, so that some people eat when morning cup of water with a few drops of lemon.  These individuals act intelligently.
And if you do not know what are the useful properties of lemon juice drink with warm water on the health and safety of the body Read this news. 
Features of a soft water drink with lemon juice:
If you take lemon juice with warm water in the

morning, you will notice over time the miraculous effects of this drink: 
strengthening the immune system in the body.
Citric acid is an important source of potassium, which
is why it improves brain and nerve function. Lemon also helps to control blood pressure. When you take this drink on your stomach, the antioxidant properties of these citrus fruits will strengthen your immune system and protect you from disease.
Control your body PH:
The water and lemon juice mixture helps reduce the acidic state of your body. It can be a little strange, but sour lemon is one of the most acidic fruits that exist, in fact, although this fruit is sour but does not lead to acidity in the body. 
The installation of water with lemon juice is a natural and appropriate treatment to eliminate tooth pain as well as to fight gum damage. Certainly, you should be aware that excessive intake of this drink will cause damage to your teeth. 
Helps digest food:
Drinking a warm water drink with lemon juice removes excess substances in the body. This drink leads to bile secretion. These properties improve the constipation and heartburn problems. Be aware that if you have a stomach ulcer or severe heartburn, you should not take this drink. It is best to reduce the amount of lemon juice in this drink. If you are unsure about taking this drink, consult your doctor. 
Affects respiratory problems:
By taking a drink of warm water with lemon juice you will get rid of the bad respiratory problems and eliminate the infection and diseases in your chest. When you take this wonderful drink you will get rid of the cough over time. This drink also benefits the fight against asthma and common allergies. 
Helps to lose weight:
Because the lemon contains the pectin fibers, it helps fight hunger and stress. You should know that following a diet that leads to the body becoming alkaline will help reduce your weight faster, so if you follow a diet, take a cup of this drink in the morning.

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