Three years later, the Hungarian photographer who shook the world was acquitted

The Hungarian Supreme Court acquitted the television producer. top News headlines in 2015 after blocking and kicking off fleeing 
The judges' announcement that the Hungarian photographer Petra Laszlo had not been properly charged in the former courts of first instance, as stated in a court statement, that "the innocence of the television correspondence is based on the absence of an offense" . 

Lazlo topped the news headlines in September 2015 when a migrant was hampered by a runner who carried a child and knocked him to the ground. Another girl ran near the Hungarian border with Serbia.
A large wave of immigrants swept through Europe today, a large group of whom managed to penetrate the Hungarian police line. The Supreme Court took into account that the incident took place in the context of "the assault of several hundred migrants fleeing police intervention."
Also considered that although Laszlo's behavior "is morally wrong and illegitimate, it was an interference of disability rather than a sabotage." 
This was the charge brought before the courts of first instance, which in January 2017 was based on probation for three years. 
The photographer, who was later fired from her job, was working for the online TV channel N1TV, which is close to the Yemeni Yubik party. 
"I turned around and saw several hundred people running toward me, it was very scary," Laszlo said. 
The Syrian father, who was obstructed with his son, obtained asylum in Spain, where he got a job to train football.
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