After 20 years Monica collapse and reveal the details of her scandal with Clinton

Monica Lewinsky burst into tears during a television interview 20 years after the famous scandal with former US President Bill Clinton.
The 22-year-old young woman at the White House became one of the most famous women in the world after the romantic relationship she had with former US President Bill Clinton.
The affair was shaken by the United States and almost led to the dismissal of President Clinton, who at the beginning of the story said that "I had

no sexual relationship with this lady, Ms. Lewinsky." But he later stated that they had some physical relationships Accepted.
During the interview, Lewinsky revealed that the FBI had told her she would have to cooperate with the FBI investigation or face jail.
She tells her that at the time she was contemplating suicide and that she was terrified, noting that the office imagined she had turned on Clinton, and that was why she thought of ending her life, asking him to communicate with Clinton, To record his confessions and rhythm.
After twenty years, she says, the case still causes her to cry.
Lewinsky admits she was not cooperating at the time with the FBI, believing she was protecting Clinton.
It was then investigated inside the Ritz-Carlton in January 1998, where they took her to a room and were held by prosecutors until that night.
Lewinsky admits that what made it difficult for her was that she still loved Clinton.
Lewinsky said she wanted to apologize more than once to "Hillary Clinton," as she said she was disappointed after the failure of Bill Clinton to apologize to her, because of the negative effects and psychological effects after the scandal.

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