Escobar's widow reveals the secrets of their lives, raped and forced to abort.

The most famous Colombian widow, Pablo Escobar, revealed in her book "My Life and Prisoner with Pablo Escobar" how her drug dealer husband raped her and forced her to abortion when she was only 14 years old. 
Victoria Eugenia Hina explained in the book she described as "recognizing" her children Sebastian and Manuela how Escobar was her 25-year-old boyfriend at the time when he had an intimate relationship with her while she did not understand what was happening.

She recounted how she discovered her pregnancy three weeks after the relationship, and when she told Escobar she was taken to a remote area on the outskirts of Medellin, where an old woman had miscarried her in a primitive and painful way.
Victoria also said that she had undergone only a few years of psychological therapy to get rid of the effects of the incident, which in Colombia is considered "rape" if there is a difference of age more than five years and in the case of 11 years. 
According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British did not show Victoria regretted her association with Escobar despite the pain caused by her, because the fruit of their love was "two wonderful boys." 
Pablo Escobar founded an empire of drugs as a result of his cocaine trade since the 1970s and became the founder and leader of the criminal cartel Medellin. He died in 1993 after a fierce confrontation with the police.
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