France: For the first time .. The film "The Purge" became a reality in Paris! (Video)

Unidentified people in the French capital Paris have been encouraged to participate in a wave of chaotic crimes inspired by the American horror film The Purge on the occasion of this year's Halloween.
Indeed, hundreds of people responded to the strange call and took to the streets of Paris, carrying dangerous weapons and wearing hideous masks, creating chaos and terror in those neighborhoods.
Hundreds of them stole and looted dozens of shops and safe houses, just like in The Purge, where the authorities allow the story of the film to commit people to all kinds of crimes, which become legal for only 12 hours.
In addition, the chaotic crowds attacked police officers using incendiary fire, setting fire to roads and garbage dumps, smashing window windows and stealing them.

The strange phenomenon led to the mobilization of security and police in those neighborhoods, where tear gas was used to deter the criminal mob, while the authorities arrested more than 100 of them.

It is not the first time that Paris suburbs witness mass violence, but it is the first incident that takes on the character and spirit of the horror film, The Purge.

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