"Girl and vagrant " .. American involved in the process of erecting and collected 400 thousand dollars

The incident of the "tramp" has been widely admired in the United States this year and has been heard by the entire world. 
An American woman confirmed that the homeless man spent the last $ 20 in his possession to buy her fuel after her car suddenly stopped on the road. The woman then launched a campaign of donations amounting to $ 400,000 to the homeless, who then turned into a symbol of sacrifice and altruism, He was quoted by Sky News.

But the surprise came later, when the American judiciary announced that the incident did not exist, as the woman and her friend worked to love the story with the hobo in order to get money. 
The State Attorney's Office in New Jersey has announced criminal charges against the woman and her boyfriend for involvement in fabricating a false story for media outlets in collusion with the vagrant man.
The court ordered the money to be donated to its owners, but the woman spent with her boyfriend all the sympathizers donated on the Fu Vand Mai platform. 
Meanwhile, the vagrant was arrested on Thursday, and the woman and her boyfriend were charged with theft by deception and made no statement to the press after their release on Wednesday. 
The process of the monument would have passed peacefully without the vagrant suing the woman and her friend and said he had benefited nothing from the sympathy of his sympathizers.

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