Italy's storms leave more dead and search for missing people again

The death toll from storms in Italy has risen to at least 29 after 12 died of hard weather in Sicily on Sunday.
"Heavy rains caused landslides and floods, which led to the death of 10 people in the area surrounding the city of Palermo," a spokesman for the capital of Sicily said, adding that people were still missing, Sky News reported.
Another official confirmed that two people were

killed near the town of Agrigento in Sicily because of a landslide hit a car they were in.
The Italian Civil Protection Agency said the number of people killed by the bad weather was 17, without counting the deaths of Sicily.
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wrote on Twitter that he would travel to Sicily and was in constant contact with officials about the tragic situation in the north of the country.
Italy has been ravaged by rain and storms for several days, uprooting millions of trees and isolating villages and roads. 
The northern regions of Trentino and Veneto were among the hardest hit.
"The losses from storms in the region are worth at least 1 billion euros," the Veneto governor said on Saturday.

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