Strange creatures on the beach scare New Zealand residents

Hannah Mary, a resident of Christchurch, New Zealand, was doing her civic duty to clean a local beach after a storm when she found the remains of a very strange creature.
On Saturday, Mary and her mother cleaned the Rakaia Huts beach in Canterbury and found a strange skeleton. She screamed at her horror when she discovered that the odd shape was not just a piece of wood or a plastic bag, the beginning.
"The first thing I thought was that it was a space object," Mary told the New Zealand Herald. "Whatever the creature was, it had tentacles in its

wings. It has two incubators (an anatomical structure that contains males in certain groups of animals such as insects and fish and is used for mating) , In addition to a long tail, a rectangular head and sharp canines, which are descriptions that may constitute a "nightmare" according to some criteria.

"I uploaded the pictures on Facebook, and everyone was guessing," Mary said. "All the comments went to him as a Pinkish."Mary was reluctant to move the skeleton at first, for fear of being poisoned, but curiosity pushed her to carry with her and show it to her neighbor who was also confused about him, and what may be this strange animal already.
Dr. Malcolm Francis put an end to all these conjectures, having confirmed that this creature is the mention of "Dipturus nasutus AKA", a violent type of varnish.

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