United States .. Family ceremony caused the burning of 470 square kilometers!

The use of "colored explosives" at a family ceremony led to a huge fire that claimed about 470 square kilometers of green space and caused material damage of US $ 8 million.
For the first time, the United States Department of Forests revealed the cause of the huge fire in large green areas of the US state of Arizona in April 2017. The fuse was found to be "colored explosives" used in film and entertainment.

The fire started when the American, Denis Dickey, fired on a group of "colored explosives" using his own gun, causing a burst of color and heavy smoke, as well as a quick flare of dry grass around the place, extending the fire to more than 470 square kilometers of jurisdiction Arizona.
As a result, the offender was sentenced to five years of surveillance and fined 500,000 US dollars for damages caused by his irresponsible behavior towards the environmentMassive fires have displaced hundreds of people from their homes in the affected area, while more than 20 US firefighters have taken part in fire control and suppression operations, which lasted nearly seven days.

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