USA: 'Horrific scene' 13 dead including gunman at California bar

A fire in a bar in California on Thursday killed 13 people, including the bomber, and wounded others, US media reported.
According to the agency "Associated Press," Sheriff County Ventura, California, "Thirteen people were killed in the bar, including the gunman and deputy district sheriff."
According to the Ventura County Star, an armed man fired about 30 bullets at the Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks area of ​​Ventura County, California.
The site pointed out that "the initial reports indicate that the man opened fire from a semi-automatic weapon on the bar."
According to local sources, a large number of university students were in the bar at the moment of the accident.
Witnesses said the gunman threw smoke bombs before he opened fire inside the bar, which attracts dance lovers and rural "cantry" music.
A reporter for Ventura Country Star -- who seemed to be on the ground near the site of the shooting -- tweeted images showing personnel from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US's premier domestic security agency, at the scene of the shooting.
In another Twitter post, the reporter put up a video of youngsters he said "were apparently in the Borderline bar" at the time of the reported mass shooting.

Young people who were apparently in the bar in , site of a reported mass shooting, hugging after finding one another.

The shooting at the Borderline Bar & Bar followed a script that has been seen in several similar incidents previously.

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